Accessibility Statement

Published by the Enforcement and Monitoring Agency for Accessible IT of the State of Hesse.

Published by the Hessian State Office for Advanced Technology Training.

This digital accessibility statement applies to the website of the Hessische Landesstelle für Technologiefortbildung published at advanced-training.hlft.hessen.deOpens in a new window.

As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we endeavour to make our websites and mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with the provisions of the Hessian Disability Equality Act (HessBGG) and the Hessian Ordinance on Barrier-Free Information Technology (HVBIT) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Version of compliance with requirements

The accessibility requirements result from §§ 3 paragraphs 1 to 4 and 4 of the HVBIT, which was issued on the basis of §14 of the HessBGG.

The compliance review is based on a self-assessment conducted in September 2020.

Non-accessible content

Based on the review, the website is partially compliant with the aforementioned requirements due to the following exceptions.

Incompatibility with HVBIT

The contents listed below are incompatible with §3 paragraph 1 of HVBIT and are not accessible for the following reasons:

Barrier 1:

  • Entire website: Test step Current position of the focus clearly. The global colouring of the focus frame does not work for all components in combination with the colour concepts possible throughout Hesse.
  • Barrier-free alternative: No barrier-free alternative is currently available.

Barrier 2:

  • Entire website: Test step Correct syntax. The HTML markup from the content management system contains ID errors and the HTML content blocks contain duplicate markup that cannot be corrected by the developer.
  • Accessible alternative: No accessible alternative is currently available.

Barrier 3:

  • Entire website: test step Name, role, value available. On the content management system side, the name, role and value of attributes are not correctly defined for reading by software and cannot be rectified by the developer.
  • Barrier-free alternative: There is currently no barrier-free alternative available.

Barrier 4:

  • Social media icons and footer elements: Test step 2.5.5 Target area is sufficiently large. The buttons are smaller than 44 x 44 px.
  • Barrier-free alternative: No barrier-free alternative is currently available.

Barrier 5:

  • Video player: Test steps for video capability 7.1.1 to 7.3 do not apply to all videos, as vtt files are not always available and therefore subtitles are not always available (therefore, of course, the controls for activating subtitles and audio description are also missing if nothing is stored for activation).
  • Barrier-free alternative: There is currently no barrier-free alternative available.

Barrier 6:

  • Ordering platform and newsletter: Test step Empty alt attributes for layout graphics.
  • Barrier-free alternative: No barrier-free alternative is currently available.

Barrier 7:

  • Files and videos: Test step 5.2 Activation of accessibility features and test step 12.1.2 Accessible documentation The .pdf files provided on the website are only partially accessible. In addition, not all content is available in plain language. Sign language videos are currently only provided for selected press conferences.
  • Barrier-free alternative: Use of the contact form

Disproportionate burden

No application case.

No application case

There is no content that does not fall within the scope of §3 paragraph 1 HVBIT.

Accessibility statement creation date

This declaration was prepared on 21 September 2020 and updated in December 2023.

Contact for comments and questions regarding digital accessibility.

Would you like to inform us of existing barriers or request information about accessibility implementation? Please contact our responsible persons for your feedback and any further information.

Contact person:

Steffen Bachmann
Hessian State Office for Advanced Technology Training
Dr. Frank Niethammer Institute
Darmstädter Street 90
D-64521 Groß-Gerau
Phone: +49 6152 / 9 61 36 - 0
E-mail: bachmann(@)

Enforcement and monitoring body for accessible information technology

If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above contact, you can call in the Accessible Information Technology Enforcement and Monitoring Body. You have the right to contact the enforcement and monitoring body directly after a period of six weeks. The ombudsman's office tries to determine the circumstances of the lack of accessibility so that the institution can remedy it with the involvement of all stakeholders.

Enforcement and Monitoring Office for Accessible Information Technology
Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration
Headquarters: Gießen Regional Council

Prof. Dr. Erdmuthe Meyer zu Bexten
State Representative for Accessible IT
Head of the Enforcement and Monitoring Office
Landgraf-Philipp-Platz 1-7
35390 Giessen
Phone: +49 641 303 - 2901