Digital Change Experts Vietnam

"Digital Change Experts" in Vietnam: Training for successful digital transformation

Vocational training providers would be ill-advised to leave digital transformation to chance. In order for this to align administrative processes more efficiently and at the same time methodically enhance day-to-day teaching, a corresponding competence must be built up: Digital Change Experts.
These experts accompany their schools in all upcoming questions of digitalization: give impulses on how an integration into the school development plan can take place; how teaching material and events can be digitally upgraded; keep an eye on the current technical developments; offer coaching and training on the handling of digital tools and administrative software; and participate in building digital networks and cooperations.
Together with the VGU (Vietnamese German University), the WUS (World University Service) and co-financed with funds from the Hessenagentur, work is underway to develop the curricula for this exciting course. Standards have already been defined and agreed with the project partners and some potential participants. On site, Uwe Graune and Knut Beuck conducted initial interviews with representatives of ten vocational schools in the Binh Duong region, near Ho Chi Minh City. Based on these initial interviews, a questionnaire has already been designed to capture the status quo in terms of digitization, external requirements and key expectations: Basis for deriving detailed training content. Based on these curriculars, the first events will be offered as early as summer 23. Online or in a face-to-face workshop. In addition, participants can try out new digital tools and pedagogical methods in the specially set-up model room. Perhaps create an explanatory video or a podcast? Or explore the possibilities of VR glasses in the classroom? Or set up a digital classroom in Moodle?

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